Sometimes things take longer than you want...
We have been busy making significant architectural improvements to the ToyBox platform and we have finally pushed those changes into production. It may not feel like the huge change it was - but now we can run forward at a much faster rate!
Today you will see the following changes:
Updated UI
You will note that the project tile view and a few other spots have been updated - we will be making incremental UI updates over the next couple of months.
Feedback Task Types are now allowed to pass directly into Integrations
We heard from a number of Snippet users that they wanted the Feedback Task Type to flow straight through to Integrations, so we updated the code to support that change.
Inspect now captures the CSS as a payload
The "Inspect" feature of the extension now automatically captures the actual CSS for the element you have selected and sends that as a separate payload into the Task. When you open a task created by Inspect you will see additional fields showing the captured data.
Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 3
Date Updated field is now a selectable column in the task table
Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 2
Now that we have completed this massive update to clear out some technical debt - you will see our cadence of new features will be much faster.
Next up will be the ability for our Business and Enterprise customers to organize their projects in collections/hierarchies to better manage the many projects they work with (some clients have over 200 projects!).