Task Table
Task Types
Today, we released the concept of Task Types. We now offer Bug and Feedback task types
  • This allows your organization to have different workflows based on Task Type and it controls which tasks hit integrations.
  • There is a new pulldown on the Extension dialog and a new column in the task table for Task Type.
  • Snippet now automatically sends in "Feedback" tasks so your team can review what comes in from the public before it hits any integrations.
  • You can move a task from one Task Type to another as needed.
  • You can now define the default assignee based on Task Type in the Project Details page.
Finally, we updated:
  • Status
    supported values are now
    to better support the concept of Task Types
  • Priority
    supported values are now
    High, Medium and Low
Over the next couple months we will continue to roll out new features every few weeks!